desh by akram khan


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and another marvellous piece at sadler’s wells!!!

akram khan had it all – a performance that made your heart flutter, your complete being engrossed in an epic tale of one man’s identity crisis and his search to find what is it that defines him.

here are few introductory words from luke jennings’ review for observer:

“desh is a quest. brought up with tales of bangladesh – monsoon floods, rising tides, crocodiles nosing through the mangrove swamps – Khan looked around him and saw wimbledon park. his father’s tales of unremitting labour and contested land fell on ears better attuned to the music of michael jackson…” you can read the full review herePhoto © Richard Haughton


photography no.1 by shikai tseng


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one of this year’s rca graduates show projects was called “PhotoGraphy” by shikai tseng. this is what tseng says: ‘the project is the creation of a process in which the environment, time and light react to each other and generate images on three-dimensional objects. The 1st series is about coating objects – in this case vases – with a “light-sensitive” layer, put in a black box with strategically placed pinholes, and exposed for 5 to 50 minutes depending on the brightness of the environment. It is a new way to capture a moment in time, no matter whether the image on the object is focused or losing focus – the object will carry the trace of its first moments of experience, its first exposure.’

the result in my opinion is the most exquisite object!

you can see more from the creator here

ice robot


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my husband has recently worked on a very cool (literally 😉 ) project for ballantine’s whiskey together with a very skilled ice sculptor jamie. the result is a very cute robot who dances himself away – see the movie below.

here are also some stills by my – oh so talented – hubby 😉

photography copyright: peer lindgreen

pina in 3d


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wim wenders is a well known name and no special introduction is needed – i believe. if you are clueless, have a look here.

i recently managed to catch one of his latest works – a 3d movie that is a moving tribute to pina bausch – german cult coreographer/ dancer that started a dance theatre company tanztheatre wuppertal which in many ways pioneered the new language of dance movement.

movie was in 3d which i thought would irritate me for the practical reason that glasses hurt my nose 😉 but, oh my, was that a treat for the eyes and soul. i loved every single frame of it, it was very moving and passionate, beautiful and sincere, strong and weak….

here is a snip of an article from bbc site that gives more info and the movie trailer below

i am considering myself very lucky to have managed to buy tickets for wuppertal theatre dance group performing in london next year 😉

you can’t buy style


oh, i have been away for a while but this video made me smile and made me love my life even more. i am a great believer that life should be (is) one great party and we should work to live not live to work. and i love fashion but i don’t think i am as brave as this lady. i wish she was my granny 😉 have a look!

video courtesy of ari seth cohen – the man behind the brilliant advanced style blog

paco pena at wigmore hall


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wigmore hall is doing a series of late concerts this summer and one one them was a treat last night. i went to see paco pena – THE man to see if you get on the flamenco guitar playing. it was an hour long passionate performance of man who had his first solo gig back in the 60’s at the very same venue.

the recital included performances of the two artists that paco worked with for a number of years: singer el chaparro, a life long friend of paco’s and rafael montilla, the son of chaparro, a guitarist who has been a member of paco’s company for the last 10 years.

the programme consisted of some of paco’s compositions and musical references to some great masters of the guitar like ramon montoya sabicas/ nino ricardo; duet guitar and wonderful earthy singing from el chaparro.

the performance was very moving and to watch the man and a guitar in their own little world was quite mesmerising. if it wasn’t wigmore hall, i guess i would have been very much clapping along but the venue and the audience was somewhat calm and composed – i guess we are talking about british people here – they don’t get carried away easily 😉

ai weiwei at lisson gallery


ai weiwei is one of the leading cultural figures of his generation and consistently displays great courage in placing himself at risk to affect social change through his art. he serves as an example for legitimate social criticism and free expression both in china and internationally.

highlights of the 13 works in the exhibition include colored vases (2010, 2009), groupings of han dynasty pots (from 200dc-220ad) covered in industrial paint. an expert in ancient chinese ceramics, ai’s continued desecration of individual vases can be seen as political comment on the organized destruction of cultural and historical values that took place during the cultural revolution, when everything old was replaced by the new. in questioning value and defacing tradition ai is confronting the legacy of past generations with the needs and experiences of the present. at the same time he gives a new perspective on contemporary commodifications.


ai weiwei was detained by authorities in beijing while trying to board a flight to hong kong on 3 april and has not been seen or heard from since. lisson gallery, along with all his supporters in the uk and around the world, is alarmed by his detention and greatly concerned for his safety. lisson gallery is dedicated to staging the exhibition to fully convey to the public-at-large the cultural importance of ai weiwei. lisson gallery has a long history of working with political artists and strongly condemns any form of artistic suppression. ai weiwei’s studio and supporters are determined to proceed with all of his planned projects worldwide to celebrate the work of one of the most significant living artists, cultural figures, and champions of human rights.

updated news and information on the situation can be found at lisson gallery are supporting a petition started by the solomon r. guggenheim foundation, signed by leading members of the international arts community:

from 12 may to 26 june 2011, somerset house presents ai weiwei’s first outdoor public sculpture installation in london. circle of animals/zodiac heads will be the first ever contemporary art installation to go on display in the historic courtyard of somerset house. the monumental installation comprises of 12 bronze animal heads, re-creations of the traditional chinese zodiac sculptures, which once adorned the fountain of yuanming yuan, an imperial retreat in beijing.

text courtesy of lisson gallery press release