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wim wenders is a well known name and no special introduction is needed – i believe. if you are clueless, have a look here.

i recently managed to catch one of his latest works – a 3d movie that is a moving tribute to pina bausch – german cult coreographer/ dancer that started a dance theatre company tanztheatre wuppertal which in many ways pioneered the new language of dance movement.

movie was in 3d which i thought would irritate me for the practical reason that glasses hurt my nose 😉 but, oh my, was that a treat for the eyes and soul. i loved every single frame of it, it was very moving and passionate, beautiful and sincere, strong and weak….

here is a snip of an article from bbc site that gives more info and the movie trailer below

i am considering myself very lucky to have managed to buy tickets for wuppertal theatre dance group performing in london next year 😉