sidi larbi cherkaoui. i love that man. for all those not in-the-know sidi is a moroccan/ belgian dancer and choreographer who is behind some amazing shows. dunas is his latest work – a collaboration with spanish flamenco dancer maria pages – “inspired by dunes, sand, its grains and its metamorphosis” as sidi puts it.

having seen a few of his shows before, i was so excited to see the new show. and it did not disappoint!

i was speechless….. well not quite 😉 it was stunning, moving, touching my very soul, melting the very core of my being, loving, happy, sad, calm, excited…….. it awoke every single emotion i had. i left the theatre lifted, felt like flying!

the combination of passion behind flamenco moves softened by sidi’s incredible movement was breathtaking. your heart pounding with the speeding rhythm, your soul pierced by the voice of flamenco and arabian singers, your blood boiled by the sound of the guitar.

if you ever come across it, please go and see it. and if you need a company, let me know and i would love to see it again.