ah, yes… yamamoto. as a lover of all things japanese – especially fashion – this was almost like going to church – i was so excited!

they say……. this retrospective is the first to include yamamoto’s menswear. the display takes the form of site-specific installations throughtout the V&A and beyond. the central gallery houses over 60 creations and multimedia timeline that reveals yamamoto’s wider creative output. each carefully chosen installation space takes its own meaning in relation to yohji yamamoto’s design world.

i say…. this was such a disappointment ;-( whoever has laid this exhibition out did not have much creative flair. the exhibition does not even in the slightest give an impression of the great body of work that yamamoto has created. if i was him, i would probably cringe. such a brillian man and such groundbraking work shown is a small room, with very uninspiring lighting! aaaaah! when we paid for the tickets, i thought -oh, not bad – ¬£7 – cheap even. but now that i have seen it, i understand why. they probably knew that even this was pushing it.

if you haven’t been to see it, don’t bother – if you still decide to go, prepare yourself for not much of an excitment.

i am still to go and see the yohji’s women photography exhibition at the wapping project bankside and another installation at the wapping project. hope that’s a bit more interesting.