a little bird sent me a link to a very interesting website. it shows work of a duo (husband & wife?) who do really create a very magical world. i do not know much about them and could not find much about them but the pictures relate to me very intensely. i am not sure why all things surreal feel very familiar, comfortable and real to me.

here is one thing i did manage to find:

‘i want to make images that have open, narrative qualities, enought to suggest ideas about human limits. i want there to be a combination of the past juxtaposed with the modern. i use nature to symbolize the search, saving a tree, watering the earth. in this fabricated world, strange clouds of smog float by; there are holes in the sky. these mythic images mirror our world, where nature is domesticated, controlled, and destroyed. through my work I explore technology and a poetry of existence. these can be very heavy, overly didactic issues to convey in art, so I choose to portray them through a more theatrically absurd approach.’
robert parkeharrison